"Lesson from America"
2011 Scottish Mathematical Council Stirling Conference

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description

The SMC recently supported my attendance at an American Maths Conference and this workshop will share some of the experiences and activities that I gained: They will include ways to teach calculus concepts to pre-Higher students, listening to the 'tune' of any function using Geometer's Sketchpad, optimisation problems and algebra activities using TI-Nspire. Participants can use all of these activities with their own SG, Int2, H and AH students.

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Presentation Slides
Noisy Graphs
Noisy Freehand Graphs
Maxbox.tns [link]
Maxcone.tns [link]
Two or Root Two.tns
Part 2 Rearranging Formulae CAS.tns
Elizabeth at work
Parabolic Reflector.tns [link]
Parabola Tangents.tns

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Part 1 Rearranging Formulae.tns
Noisy Freehand Graph Notes

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