Two Minute Treasures - T3 International 2011 - Session 330

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description

Create short and powerful TI-Nspire™ constructions in under two minutes, then send them to students via the TI-Nspire™ Navigator™ System to use straight away. This removes the 'black-box' mystery of a pre-constructed activity and helps students to learn how to create their own. Bring a stopwatch to ensure we keep to the two-minute time-limit!

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Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Argand Diagram.tns
Equation Explorer pt1.tns
Equation Explorer pt2.tns
Parabola Tangents.tns

Percentages.tns [link]

Sine Rule.tns [link]
Triangle SAS.tns
Triangle SSS.tns

Items Referred to in Presentation

Circle Theorems Worksheet