Motion Mapper - TI Online Webinar, 20 January 2014

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Nevil Hopley

Webinar Description

Distance-time graphs and rates of change of functions. Teach these really important concepts with a totally hands-on student experience using a Lua coded TI-Nspire document.
Designed for the iPad App, it also works on all other platforms.
The student's hand motion is captured and graphed live, against time ... and that's just the beginning!
This document delivers to students the tangible understanding of what graphs really capture and show.
Nevil's webinar will showcase this activity with opportunity to play with it, and describe aspects of its design process.

The file will run on OS3.2 or later, on either Numeric or CAS platforms.

Quotes from webinar attendees about the activity....
"This is so GOOD! :)"
"brilliant Nevil...thank you for sharing."
"Great job! Amazingly well done."

Content of Presentation

Motion Mapper v0.21.tns
Motion Mapper Development.tns

Videos Below:
7 Short Introductory Tutorial Videos
1 Video about Motion Mapper's Development
1 Video of the Webinar (48 mins)

Motion Mapper - 01 Introduction

Motion Mapper - 02 Menu Overview

Motion Mapper - 03 Capturing Two Motions

Motion Mapper - 04 Graphing Displacement and Velocity

Motion Mapper - 05 Distance and Displacement

Motion Mapper - 06 Speed and Velocity

Motion Mapper - 07 Matching Graphs and Stationary Points

Motion Mapper Development

Motion Mapper Webinar Recording


Relevant Links and Downloads

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TI-Nspire Google Group

[link] TI-Nspire Navigator Google Group
TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad from iTunes
TI-Nspire App for Dummies Guide


Grateful thanks are extended to the members of the TI Lua Scripting Google Group for their regular help in the coding of this application. They were, in no particular order, Jim Bauwens, Jeremy Anselme, Adrien Bertrand, John Hanna, Andy Kemp, Steve Arnold and John Powers.