More Kilts and CAS - T3 International 2012 - Session 217

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description

In 2009 I started exploring how to use Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) handhelds to help teach mathematics in Scotland. My first 18 months’ experiences were shared at the 2011 T3™ International Conference, in my session titled ‘Kilts and CAS’. A video of that session and all its resources can be downloaded from ‘More Kilts and CAS’ gives an update from the last 12 months, more activities I’ve designed and more lessons both my students and I have learned. No students’ algebraic skills were harmed in the development of this session – quite the opposite, in fact.

Presentation Video Recording

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Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Elizabeth Rearranging the Cosine Rule (note: video has no soundtrack)
Joanna Rearranging the Cosine Rule (note: video has no soundtrack)
Jon Rearranging the Cosine Rule (note: video has no soundtrack)
Matthew Rearranging the Cosine Rule (note: video has no soundtrack)
Spot The Difference between CAS, Student and Teacher (Cosine Rule)

Items Referred to in Presentation

Solving Trig Equations CAS.tns
Solving Linear Equations CAS.tns
Simultaneous_Eqns SA.tns [visit Steve Arnold's website here]
Sim Equations Toolkit CAS.tns
Improving Mathematics Teaching with Derive, by Bernhard Kutzler
Mathematical Activities with Computer Algebra, by Etchells, et al.
Computer Algebra Systems in Secondary School Mathematics Education, by NCTM

Further Resources I mentioned/used

Apple Mac iShowU software for Screen Capture videos of TI-Nspire Teacher Software.
Free Mpeg StreamClip software for Mac & PC, for compressing videos.
Mathematical Posters
2011 Scottish Standard Grade Exam Paper and Nspire Video Solutions