Directly below are short videos of TI-Nspire solutions to the following questions from Teejay Publishers Int2-Credit Book 1

Download the .tns that contains all the data featured in the videos by clicking here.

IC1 p144 Ex13.1 Qn02

IC1 p144 Ex13.1 Qn03

IC1 p144 Ex13.1 Qn05

IC1 p144 Ex13.1 Qn06

IC1 p145 Ex13.2 Qn05

IC1 p145 Ex13.2 Qn06

IC1 p145 Ex13.2 Qn07

IC1 p146 Ex13.3 Qn01

IC1 p146 Ex13.3 Qn02

IC1 p146 Ex13.3 Qn03

IC1 p146 Ex13.3 Qn04a

IC1 p146 Ex13.3 Qn04b

IC1 p146 Ex13.3 Qn04c

IC1 p148 Ex13.4 Qn03

IC1 p148 Ex13.4 Qn04a

IC1 p148 Ex13.4 Qn04b

IC1 p148 Ex13.4 Qn05

IC1 p149 Example

IC1 p150 Ex13.5 Qn05

IC1 p150 Ex13.5 Qn06

IC1 p150 Ex13.5 Qn07a

IC1 p150 Ex13.5 Qn07b

IC1 p150 Ex13.5 Qn07c

IC1 p152 Ex13.6 Qn07a

IC1 p152 Ex13.6 Qn07b

IC1 p152 Ex13.6 Qn09

IC1 p154 Ex13.7 Qn05a

IC1 p154 Ex13.7 Qn05b