Directly below are links to short videos of TI-Nspire based solutions to the cited questions from "Progress to Higher Mathematics", published by Arbelos.
[ISBN: 9780955547706]

Please note that these video solutions demonstrate how the TI-Nspire can be used for the topics assessed in this course.
They do not exemplify the algebraic methods that are expected to be written on an exam script, although the TI-Nspire can be used on Paper 2 to verify any answer that you have obtained by alternative methods.

Ex1.1 Qn 01a
Ex1.2 Qn 01a , 02a
Ex1.3 Qn 01a
Ex1.4 Qn 01a
Ex1.5 Qn 01a
Ex1.6 Qn 01a , 03a
Ex2.1 Qn 01a , 01d
Ex2.2 Qn 01a , 02c
Ex2.3 Qn 01a
Ex2.5 Qn 01a
Ex2.6 Qn 02a , 03a
Ex3.1 Qn 03d , 04a , 06a
Ex3.2 Qn 01a , 06
Ex3.3 Qn 01c
Ex3.4 Qn 01a , 06a
Ex3.6 Qn 02a
Ex3.7 Qn 01a
Ex4.1 Qn 01a
Ex4.2 Qn 02a
Ex4.3 Qn 01a
Ex5.1 Qn 01a , 02a
Ex5.2 Qn 01a
Ex5.3 Qn 01a
Ex5.4 Qn 01a , 03a
Ex5.5 Qn 01a , 01b
Ex5.7 Qn 01a , 02a
Ex6.1 Qn 01a
Ex6.2 Qn 01a
Ex6.3 Qn 01a
Ex6.4 Qn 01a
Ex7.1 Qn 01
Ex7.2 Qn 01
Ex7.3 Qn 01
Ex7.4 Qn 01
Ex7.5 Qn 01
Ex7.6 Qn 01
Ex8.1 Qn 01a
Ex8.2 Qn 01a
Ex8.7 Qn 01a
Ex8.8 Qn 01
Ex9.1 Qn 01