Maths with no Wires Attached - Mathsfest 2013

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description

At Mathsfest 2012, Nevil presented an introduction to the TI-Nspire learning environment, that consists of student handhelds, computer software and a wireless network linking them all together. A video recording of that talk can be found at along with other relevant materials.
At Mathsfest 2013, Nevil will focus upon the extra dimension that a wireless network can bring to a classroom, the fun that can be had with it and the deeper learning can arise as a consequence. All delegates are welcome, regardless of their experience of using wireless technology in their classrooms.

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Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Introducing Equations of Lines

Screen Capture of Graphing

Maths with No Wires Attached.tns

Items Referred to in Presentation

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Further Resources I mentioned/used

TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad from iTunes
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