Touching The Maths - Maths Association Conference, September 2013

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description

Texas Instruments' TI-Nspire handheld, computer software and wireless Navigator network were joined earlier this year by the TI-Nspire iPad App. This significant software development puts arguably the most powerful maths teaching software at your fingertips ... quite literally! This session will feature a small class set of iPads for you to have a genuine hands-on experience. You do not need to be an existing iPad owner or TI-Nspire user. You just need to be curious about the new direction that tablet technology could now take your students' learning.

Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Area Formulas CX.tns
Argand Diagram v1NH.tns
Bearings Explorer.tns
Bearings from Map Images.tns
Circle Area Formula v1 NH.tns
ConeVolumes v1NH.tns
Differentiation Intro.tns
Fraction Multiplication.tns
Gradients and Angles.tns
IQR vs StDev.tns
  Motion Mapper.tns [temporarily removed for bug fixing]
Moving from Deg to Rad.v1NH.tns
Percentage Change v2NH.tns
Reaction Timer.tns
Rolling Circle.tns
Trigonometric Equations SCT.tns

Items Referred to in Presentation

TI-Nspire CAS App for iPad from iTunes
TI-Nspire App for Dummies Guide
Free Download of 30-Day Trial Nspire Computer Software
Free Loan of Nspire Handhelds