CAS in Statistics - T3 Vlaanderen Symposium, Leuven 2016

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Presentation Description

The topic of Statistics is renowned for being mainly about analysing and displaying numbers. This session will look at the ways that TI-Nspire CAS can support and explain many statistical results and techniques that we use without a second thought. It will cover topics that are typically included in Statistics courses up to AP Calculus and IB Maths Higher Level, such as discrete probability distributions (Bernoulli, Binomial, Poisson, Geometric, Uniform) and Probability Generating functions. This session is most appropriate for teachers who have knowledge of most of these statistical ideas and concepts.

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Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
CAS in Statistics.tns
John Hanna's Presentation and Handout from 'LinReg Exposed' talk
Pat Mara's Linear Regression CAS.tns

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