Kilts and CAS Extended - T3 International 2014 - Session 267 & USA CAS(9), July 2015

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description

This is the fourth 'Kilts and CAS' International Conference talk given by Nevil which will look at blending CAS functionality with short functions and programs in order to create helpful, extra tools designed to be used by students. The talk will cover how to convert from decimal time, list all the factor pairs for single term expressions, and check partial fraction constructions. In addition, toolkits that help students learn how to solve inequalities and simultaneous equations will be shared. Come and see how teaching with CAS can be taken to the next level! To watch Nevil's previous talks, visit

Presentation Video Recording

Click on the icon on the left to access a video recording of this talk given in Las Vegas, February 2014

Click on the icon on the left to access a video recording of this talk given at USA CAS (9) in Ohio, July 2015

Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Differentiation CAS.tns
Sim Equations Toolkit CAS.tns
Solving Linear Inequations CAS.tns
Time Conversion+Clock Face CAS.tns
Decimal Time CAS.tns
Partial Fractions Checker CAS.tns
FactorPairs CAS.tns