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The files are TI-Nspire files.

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Nevil Hopley

Presentation Description - Introducing Trigonometry and Trigonometric Equations

Create from scratch a single interactive triangle that can be the basis for a whole sequence of lessons that introduce the topic of trigonometry and build understanding without overwhelming students with the usual notational conventions. We shall also look ahead to solving Trigonometric Linear Equations using graphs and Computer Algebra Systems.

Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Solving Trig Equations CAS.tns
Triangle SAS.tns
Trigonometry Symmetry.tns

Presentation Description - Moving from 2D to 3D

We shall use the Geometry and 3D Graphing tools of the TI-Nspire CX handheld to visualize 3D objects, their face and space diagonals, and take the ideas of 2D lines into 3D planes.

Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Graphs in the Next Dimension v3NH OS4.0.pdf
Graphs in the Next Dimension Marking.pdf
3D Coordinates Intro.tns
3D Problems that Need Diagrams.pdf
3D Pythagoras.tns
Cone Volumes.pdf
Similar Cones.pdf
Olympic Curves.tns
Olympic Curves.pdf
Volume Motivation Poster.pdf

Presentation Description - Temperature Probes and Linear Graphs

We shall use a Temperature Probe with a TI-Nspire CX handheld to capture live data and analyse the properties of the resulting graphs. Have your students really own the task as they generate their own data and fit a model to it.

Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides

Presentation Description - Using CAS to Build Stronger Understanding

Handhelds with Computer Algebra Systems are not allowed on nearly all exams, but this has scope to change with the growing deployment of handheld devices in classrooms. In 2009 Nevil started exploring how to use CAS handhelds to help teach mathematics to 12-17 year olds. Nevil's address will explain what CAS is, why it is both relevant and appropriate to our current students, and what can be achieved through its use. No student's algebraic skills were harmed in the development of this talk - quite the opposite, in fact.

Content of Presentation

Presentation Slides
Creating Linear Equations v3 CAS.tns
FactorPairs CAS.tns
Part 1 Rearranging Formulae.tns
Part 2 Rearranging Formulae CAS v2.tns
Sim Equations Toolkit CAS.tns
Solving Trig Equations CAS.tns
Unexpected Behaviour.tns
Video Recording of Similar Talk